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Jacqui C. Williams, Founding Director of FIGAH, Inc.Welcome to our new and evolving website! Please note that we are in the process of uploading pages and pages of information. A project of this magnitude will take some time. You are welcome to browse now and we encourage you to come back often to see what is being added. 

FIGAH is a collection of biographies, experiences, commentaries and behind the scenes looks at events in American History dealing with people of African descent that are generally not recorded in history texts. Imagine how much more interesting it would have been to learn:
  • the Phoenicians were Africans
  • images remain of early visitors throughout South and Central America
  • the first Africans to cross the seas were not enslaved
  • men of African descent owned property and voted
  • Africans fought on the side of the British as well as the Colonists during the Revolutionary War
  • the character Queequeg in Moby Dick was only one of many African whalers and sailors, and
  • women successfully ran businesses for centuries.
There were artists, inventors, activists, educators, women and men of faith, cowboys, stagecoach drivers, law enforcement officers, entrepreneurs and more who contributed to the creation and development of this land over and above the labor of those enslaved. I did not read of them in my history classes so I hope to raise questions and a desire within you to learn about more.

The list is by no means exhaustive and we welcome your suggestions for additional pages.

Jacqui C. Williams, founding director
For more information on Filling in the Gaps in American History (FIGAH), Inc., research on people of African descent who don't usually appear in text books, or to schedule a program, please email us or visit us on Facebook.

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